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Cbd/Cbg Combo

Cbd/Cbg Combo

I like to give you reasonable options and this one deserves to be on the Spotlight 💡
Each dropper full contains a perfect balance of 25mg cbd and 8mg cbg! Cbg is the momma alpha of all cannabinoids. 
Pairing the 2 give a great extra boost for sleep, pain, nausea, bowel issues, cancer recovery, acne spot treatment, neural inflammation, anxiety/mood balance, ptsd, stress, nicotine aide to help stop smoking/chewing, daily wellbeing and more + 
These 2 effective cannabinoids make a great
 pairing and we got some for you!
Give it a try!
1oz bottle
750mg cbd
250mg cbg 
    $99.00 Regular Price
    $79.20Sale Price
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