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gives us the opportunity to help make a positive impact on your quality of life and also gives you, our customers, an opportunity to meet, ask questions and learn about our products. We put the time in to find a great partnering farm with pure, seed to oil products to not only help our own family but you too! That's important to us! Below are some quick, easy to read, useful articles to help you understand how awesome CBD is! Educate yourself on how and why it may benefit you!

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Gain comfort back in your life naturally.

Pure, Natural, Hemp Derived, NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE Hemp, Organically Seeded & Farmed,

Lab Tested, Lab Certified, Licensed Grower, Non-Psychoactive,

CO2 Extracted,

99+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate!


Pure, Isolate, Relief


* Soil to Oil, Farm to Farm *

You may hear some say that Full and Broad Spectums are better, with the entourage effect, but, if you think about it CBD is isolated out of over 100 compounds in the plant for a Reason!

Because it works.

And, it contains ZERO THC so you will not test positive on a drug test!

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Here are the articles we would like you to read :)

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CBD for Pets:

Some animals have trouble with stress during storms, fireworks, grooming, vet visits, or car rides. There may be pain or seizures associated with age or illness. CBD promotes relief from these things and much more. It provides an overall sense of well-being to humans and pets alike. Being high in antioxidants, it also promotes faster healing from wounds or medical services, and curbs depression associated with being home alone or boarding. Click the website below to see what we have.


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