Ravine's Edge

A sweet artisan farm.


Ravine's Edge is not your ordinary generational farm. 

 We established our farm as a personal outlet and to gather family support.  As with many men and woman coming home from traumatic tours of duty, Ptsd is a concern. Motivated to find an outlet we reflected back to agriculture.  We hold an established love for God, our family, country and community.  Sugar making is a superb all-natural therapy, within a serene atmosphere.  We love making syrup and our maple products.  It is a way for us to give back to our community a second time.  We hope that you may be inspired to try and enjoy our products as much as we do!


Our Marine Veteran, was deployed twice to Iraq during Iraqi Freedom.  He, and all veterans in agriculture, served their country twice, once by defending it and now by feeding it (FVC).  Agriculture has been rooted into our family and has provided us with purpose, opportunity and physical and psychological benefits. We are certified by Homegrown by Heroes and are very proud to be part of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.  We are also OHIO PROUD and feel so very blessed to have our family roots here in Ohio.

Our Sugar makers are all about the maple!  For us, it has been a blessing to start up and continually grow our family operation. Our love for maple has emerged into our little farm, Ravine's Edge (named after setting up all the main lines on the edges of the ravines), tapping acres of maple and sharing our maple love to all the paths we cross.  Aside from maple, I have always had a love for making products. Starting with gifts for friends and family to swapping out cheap chemical products in my home, to more natural and beneficial products started my journey. Natural doesn't have to break the bank and I have made it a duty to make natural products that don't cost $$$ and source ones that are amazing that have the resources to do so. I'm excited to share my creations and finds with you and cheers to a more natural year!

Thank a Veteran for their service! It really does goes a long way.  These men and women risked their life for OUR country, had to leave their family, stay strong when times got tough, and shed tears when no one was looking. Transitioning home is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging.  PTSD is tough. It is for us and for any family. We pray for all those who are suffering from any post war disabilities. Thank you for serving our country!!     

 Maple is simply amazing. It's pure, simple, and delicious yumminess! Ohio Maple Rocks!


God Bless and thank you for checking us out! 


Ravine's Edge Artisan Farm 

Bret & Carly

a little about local us :)


Raised in Spencer, Ohio

Black River Pirate

US Marine (Iraqi Freedom)

Ohio Sugar Maker

Press Manager

Farm Manager

Carly (R)RT.MR)

Raised in Medina

MCCC Graduate

TRI-C Graduate X2

15+ yrs Medical Professional

Ohio Sugar Maker

Ohio Maple Producers VP Board Member

MCCC Advisory Council Adult Education (Allied Health)

Certified Soap & Cosmetic Maker

Skin Care Creator/Product Formulator/Designer