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RE Goats & Sheep

Embracing Heritage Breeds

Let us introduce you to some of the craziest 4 hooved companions we have on the farm! We are excited to provide education on some Heritage breed animals including myotonic "fainting" goats & american jacob, 4 horned, sheep. We also raise traditional Boar meat goats. Their floppy ears, loving nature and curiosity sure brings much laughter and warmth to the farm.

Let's meet everyone shall we....


Myotonic "fainting" Goats

Brownie, Opal & Sheila aka The 3  amigos. These blue eye beauties bring much laughter to the farm with their curiosity and hilarious fainting abilities. Sheila has the best overall faints, Brownie has the most love to give and Opal is the observer of the group.

Boar Goats

Tilly, Tessa & Timmy bring their cute floppy ears and extreme curiosity to the farm. These 3 have been nothing but a joy to raise and play with. We raised Timmy as a bottle baby and it has been so much fun watching him grow into the stud that he is :) Tilly has to know everything and is the leader of the herd.  Ms.Tessa not only brings her dabble red beauty to the farm but her sweetness too! She will let you pet her all day if you want! Such a sweetheart.

Jacob Heritage 4 Horned Sheep

And we have our fun sheepy pair Abe and Abigail. With Abigail's soft baas and Abes demanding blah  and happy walks they are always making us smile. If you have visited you know exactly what I'm talking about! We will be incorporating their beautiful wool with our angora wool blends.

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