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Local or in town? Visit our new farm shop at the newly renovated Exchange Market

(the old Farmer's Exchange building)

Located at  320 S.Court St. Medina, Ohio

Farm Shop

New & best sellers!

cleansing bars

Save your skin's mantle from destructive artificial detergents and wash away dirt and grime with All Natural bubbles!

Natural Body Care

Moisturize and repair your skin and hair with all natural & gentle products. 

holistic wellbeing

Work with your body and feed it what it needs with all natural products to build you up. Naturally help reduce pain, anxiety disorders, ptsd, muscle pain,  drug withdraw,  increase sleep and so much more!

romantic soy candles

Enjoy a beautiful blend of American Soy and intoxicating scents with a romantic amber glow.

tees & bags

Fun farm tees and bags to take to the market, pool, beach or vaca.


Naturally Simple

Nature is beautiful. It gives us a sense of grounding, relaxation, inspiration and healing. Nature provides us with amazing herbs, fruits, vegetables and botanicals that help unify our bodies to help keep us healthy. As complex as we are and as complex the realm of nature is, the simplicity of our unity is Naturally Simple. We need each other. All our products unite our bodies with nature and we know that you will enjoy the unity as much as we do!

Stay simple, stay grounded.  Together, we will make each other stronger.

Tel. 330-969-2686

Farm Shop @

The Exchange Market

320 S.Court St. Medina, OH

Farm Location

4189 Hamilton Rd 
Medina, OH 44256

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