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People are using hemp oil to Help reduce pain, anxiety, pre/post workout, better sleep, emotional wellbeing, ptsd, addiction recovery, speaking anxiety and more!

Our partnerships are 

Joy Organics

is the Highest Quality THC FREE BROAD SPECTRUM Oil

*Beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids
*Board member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable
*ALL Organic Ingredients     * Highest Quality Possible     *Natural Proprietary Strain
*Proprietary Hemp Extraction & Purification Process involving

supercritical CO2 extraction
*Proprietary Extraction technology to REMOVE unwanted compounds including wax, chlorophyll, plant pigments & TRACE AMOUNTS of THC

Blue Sky Farms CBD

Highest Quality Isolate

Organic grower Hemp Farm
*99+% Pure     *Organically Grown      *NON-GMO      *Pesticide FREE      *THC FREE
CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil          DB Lab Tested & Certified
Licensed Hemp Grower          Colorado Industrial Hemp Program

Tips for product usage:

Topical- (balms, salves, lotions) skin absorption to target an area needing relief quickly and effectively, skin health: using a daily infused lotion or salve may help with acne, wrinkles, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dry skin) and daily protection from free radicals to keep your skin glowing and looking it's best!


Soaps- infused natural soaps are great for acne, skin conditions and daily skin health when used daily. It's natural properties may help keep your skin stay calm and glowing.


Sublingual- oil drops to put in the mouth for quick absorption into the mucus membranes, bypass the digestive system, possibly a lower amount needed (save some $), a good option for as needed anxiety, pre/post workout boost and muscle recovery, drug recovery, sleep and as needed for pain. You have more flexibility to use as needed per day. Blue Sky is not flavored and has a very subtle coconut oil taste. Joy Organics is flavored with organic essential oils.

Nano- water based, mix into any drink. Enters the digestive system, slower absorption rate than sublingual, but nano particles for faster absorption. Excellent addition to coffee, tea, milk, smoothies, protein drinks, sports drinks. Good for those who don't like to put drops under the tongue, but you still can if wanted to for quicker absorption (it is bitter to the taste though) throughout the day flexibility to use as needed.


Gummies- easy 1-2x a day (morning/night), enters digestive system, slower absorption rate than sublingual but may have longer lasting effects to get through the day. Can cut in half or even thirds to support your daily needs.


Capsules- easy 1-2x a day, enters digestive system, slower absorption rate than sublingual but may have longer lasting effects to get through the day or night, dedicated capsules with extra infusion for sleep (melatonin), joints (turmeric) or an everyday capsule for an all over daily health boost to keep things calm. 

**Everyone is different, and everyone's usage is different. If you need help finding a product that would be good for you contact us or stop into the shop :) We would love to help you get started! Feel free to email or call us with any questions! 

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