Stainless Wind Spinners

We have spinners for everyone!

Decorate your yard in style!

Our wind spinners are made of stainless steel to prevent them from rusting. Also, all of our wind spinners are protected with our Lifetime Rustproof Guarantee. If for some reason your spinner does rust you can return it with no questions asked, in exchange for a new one of your choice of equal or lesser value.

Our Wind Spinners are Made in the USA. Even the ink used to print on the wind spinners is made in the USA! Whoop Whoop!


Ideas for where to put your Spinners....

1. Outside in a garden or by an entrance on one of our shepherd hook stands.

2. From the roof of a porch or deck by it's swivel.

3. Inside your house.

4. The 4 inch Mini's look great hanging from any larger spinner, especially the gazing ball spinners.

5. The 3 inch Itsy Bitsy spinners look great on a Christmas tree!


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