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Manly Mustard Chicken

Cook time: 40 Min Prep time: 5 Min Serves: 3-4


1/2 c dijon mustard or dijon honey mustard or any good fancy mustard will do. The "Mustard Man" Mustards are the Best!

1/4 c Ravine's Edge Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

6 chicken thighs (1-1/2 pds)

salt and pepper


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Mix Dijon mustard, maple syrup and rice wine vinegar together in a bowl.

3. Place chicken thighs in oven proof dish salt and pepper chicken. Can spray dish with cooking spray to help with cleaning later or line with foil.

4. Pour mustard, maple, vinegar mix over the the thighs. Turning the thighs over so they are fully coated.

5. Put in oven and bake for 40 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 155 degrees.

6. Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes before serving.

7. Plate the chicken and spoon some sauce over the top. Sprinkle with sliced green onions, or rosemary or other fresh herbs of your choice.

8. Serve with jasmine Thai rice.. and steamed broccoli or Brussels (this man loves Brussels) :)

This recipe comes off a blog Witty In The City

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