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Mohan Joshi, Mamta Sharma, Satish Kaushik, Jimmy Shergill, Priyanka Bose and Sharat Saxena. The film was released on 6 March 2007 in India. Plot A few kids are having a game when a bomb accidentally goes off and they all die. The police don't believe them and ask them to leave. A man and a woman are busy discussing what to eat next, when a bomb goes off in the neighbourhood, they run. They spot a policeman and he runs off. The policeman returns to the house and says to the kids that they should go to their friends' house. They leave with their mother and when the door closes, a bomb goes off. The police arrive and start investigating. They find the previous bomb that went off in the house, and find that it is made by the same person who made the bomb which killed the kids. Police officers go to the house and see the remains of a bomb. The police go to a nearby electronics shop, and see the guy who runs the shop, and find out that the man who made the bomb that killed the kids and the shop owner are cousins. They also find the corpses of the kids that were killed. Police officers arrest the man and the shop owner. The shop owner's girlfriend and the man's wife are arrested for helping him run the bomb making factory. Meanwhile, the man's uncle and a bomb maker himself go to the police and tells them that he helped the man make the bomb that killed the kids and wants the police to help him. The uncle explains the truth of how he and his nephew are related, and how he learned the business of bomb making from the family. The uncle was very impressed with his nephew's skills, so he helped him get a job at the electronics shop. The uncle got the nephew an ID card and made him pay for his own expenses. The uncle only tells the police that his nephew is the man, not the shop owner. The uncle was also impressed with the nephew's engineering skills. The nephew also had an affair with his girlfriend, the wife of the shop owner. One day, the shop owner's wife is late for work because she was giving birth to a baby boy. The shop owner agrees to help his wife. The shop owner is actually a cop who arrested the uncle. The shop owner thought that it would be better if his wife and son were arrested too. The shop owner and




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Speed Hindi Download

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