Cafe Mocha-Premium Farm Harvested Aloe + Sea Salt Soap

Cafe Mocha-Premium Farm Harvested Aloe + Sea Salt Soap

Excellent for Acne! and All skin types!
Enjoy bubbly salty suds, moisturizing farm fresh organic aloe & organic coconut oil!
Our Salty Hen Collection soaps are so amazingly wonderful on your skin! Perfectly formulated to Not be drying & to help soothe and clear up acne & chronic skin conditions! Great for mature skin as well!!


This one came from the Cafe, wake up amazing with the aroma of fresh coffee beans, sweet cocoa and a dash of vanilla. Perfect for those who need an intoxicating cafe prep before they get the real cup. 
 (FO-fragrance oil phthalate free of course)
Enjoy your cleansing time 🛀 


I get asked this a lot at our markets, Why Salty Hen Soaps Carly? Most know that I’m a little crazy and it’s possible I may have some minor you know ocd issues BUT I have reasoning for this one!! Hahaha hear me out..

Let me tell you something.... since I don’t get to personally meet you on Etsy or online,
I LOVE my Hens, they are beautiful, rambunctious, cluck to give me breakfast and loving 🥰. But....there is always that one that I just look at and say Really?... you have to peck my toe nail polish? Well maybe wearing red polish around chickens isn’t the smartest thing to do (and I don’t advise you do if you haven’t) but, I gently pet her and move her to the side, but oh no. She is not ok with that! Her being placed to the side makes her upset, you know a little on the Salty side that I dismissed her from my presence. And back she comes with full feathered revenge to make sure she gets my full attention pecking my toes again!!! 😂 So, with that being said and the fact that I absolutely love salt on my skin I said Specks, let’s make this Salty soap collection after you. I won’t say that you get Salty Specks, so I’ll add my favorite salt to my soaps to make you still seem like your still sweet as maple  😉
And there we have it, my Salty Hen Soap Collection comes to life!


Don’t be Salty, be Sweet as maple! 🍁
As always, Thanks for supporting us! 🇺🇸

Enjoy 😊


Do you need our Salty Hen Collection in your store? Contact us so we can ship them out to you and bring your customers smiles!


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