12" Air Force Wind Spinner - Blue Starlight

12" Air Force Wind Spinner - Blue Starlight

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* Our Wind Spinners are MADE IN AMERICA!


If you haven't seen one of our Wind Spinners before, then you haven't seen the brilliant display that they produce. The angles of cut steel provide several different surfaces for light to reflect from. As the Wind Spinner rotates, the reflections provide an illusion of the center image expanding to the outer ring of the Wind Spinner. As the wind spinner continues to rotate, the reflections continue to pulse causing a 3D holographic-like effect. Most people that view our Wind Spinners assume they are battery powered, because of the light that they emit, however, the light is actually a series of reflections coming in from different angles and reflected out in a sequence of sharp brilliant pulses.


* We have the brightest and most reflective Wind Spinners on the Market

* Made of Stainless Steel to prevent rusting

* Comes with a swivel for easy turning

* Aerodynamically shaped to catch the wind

* Shiniest finish

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    Our Wind Spinners are Guaranteed! If a Wind Spinner has a bad laser cut, bad powder coating or is damaged in shipping, so that it is unsalable, notify us within FIVE business days of receiving the bad wind spinner for full credit.

    We also offer a Lifetime Rustproof Guarantee! If your Wind Spinner should rust within your lifetime, contact us for a replacement Wind Spinner (shipping not included).

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