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Ravine's Edge
Wooly Buns Rabbitry

We specialize in raising & breeding beautiful English Angora rabbits for pet, wool/fiber & show. Our rabbits are purebred & pedigreed. English angoras  are known to produce the softest, cleanest and warmest wool of all animals. They are gentle and loving buns that will
grow close to your heart. We have also expanded our rabbitry including

californians, mini rex & netherland dwarfs.
Our Does -Stormy & Smokey
Bucks-Rocket, Lightning, Thunder & Zeus
Kits will be posted For Sale 
Next Litter Ready-Fall 2023 (angora, mini rex & californians
) If you are looking for californians to breed for meat or 4H, please contact us as we may have other litters available.

Wait List: please email us your contact information

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